In 2010, I was commissioned by the Jamshedji TATA research chair to make a film on the lives of the people of central forests in India. This project has been one of the best learning experiences for me as a designer and as an individual. The end result is an animated short based on the Baiga tribes located near Balaghat, India. 



A century ago, a British gentleman named Verrier Elwin, studied their lives. Inspired by his books, I spent a month in the field and discovered striking similarities between what he had written and how they live today. 

I learnt stories of their past and present. All their myths and beliefs had a strong connection with nature. As a kid, I grew up listening to my grandmother’s stories about Mother earth, the god of wind, water, and the spirits that maintain balance. 

The project allowed me to delve deeper into this treasure chest of stories and myths that the forests of India contain within them. The film is a culmination of stories of the Baiga tribe and memories of my grandmother.